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You'll never walk alone

The team is the nucleus for success - this is true for our customers as well as for ourselves. The partners in Witt & Partner are proven experts in their fields. They support and help to constantly sharpen the profile of our business consulting. This produces a wide range of expertise, excellence and a global network, that each of our clients benefits from.

Image: Gerhard Evelbauer

Gerhard Evelbauer, Brazil

The Senior Consultant is a specialist in operations and process management. With his location in Rio de Janeiro, not only does he have the dynamics of the BRIC countries in direct view, but he is also very familiar with global corporations. His background as an executive at BAYER predestinates him for the consulting business, working on an "eye-to-eye-level". And when for once he is not thinking about work, he is playing guitar.


Image: Christopher Evans

Christopher Evans, United States

Based in North Carolina, USA, Chris Evans keeps an eye on developments in the US market for us. Having spent many years at Bayer CropScience as a top executive, he brings his global experience to consulting, when it comes to strategic decisions, such as site selection, restructuring, reorganization or mergers & acquisitions. When he is not thinking about work for once, he can be seen on the golf course practicing his swing.

Image: Yusa B Hassan

Yusa B. Hassan, Malaysia

37 years’ experience in oil, gas and petrochemical industry covering asset management, capital project, commercial, retail and sales & marketing areas. Started career as engineer in maintenance, inspection, rotating, engineering, commissioning, construction, plant management prior to progressing to various senior management roles in commercial, sales & marketing and business head roles. CEO in South Africa. Known for strong passion towards building committed and cohesive team towards achieving high level of performance. Proven track record in successfully leading business and organization transformation.

Image: Coen Marjot

Coen Marjot, Switzerland

Coen Marjot offers transformation solutions to the people business when it comes to HR business processes, strategy and governance. His background in global top chemical and biotech companies, and large family owned organizations position him well in the consulting role. His approach is based on swiftly understanding the business needs and continuously acquiring and leveraging HR knowledge from a diverse set of industries, geographies and cultures. When he is not thinking about work for once, he spends time on the coast or in the mountains doing any sort of outdoor sports with his family.


Image: Shazwan Saleh

Shazwan Saleh, Malaysia

A detail-oriented professional with more than eleven years of comprehensive experience as Learning Facilitator, Work Process Consultant and Operational Performance Improvement Specialist. Has high passion and advanced expertise in facilitating training and improvement programs for multiple audiences and skill levels, with forte in the subjects of team processes. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Shazwan keeps closer look for the developments in Asia. And when for once he is not thinking about work, he enjoys orchestral music & arts play.

Image: md Gesellschaft für management-disgnostik mbH

md, Management Diagnostik mbH, Germany

When it comes to selection of executives, a scientifically based approach, together with a comprehensive statistical analysis enriched with a long standing experience is necessary. At the same time, an individual profile comparison is crucial. As for the development of leadership, a tailor-made competency building and coaching plan is required. The expert team of md adds all these aspects to our portfolio.

Successful reference projects in Germany, Kuwait and Malaysia confirm the power of our partnership.