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Successful business consulting

Where do we find potential for improvement? How can we successfully implement change throughout the company? How can the team work more efficiently, how can we shape your managers to become better leaders?

Witt & Partner has found and is keen to keep on finding individual answers to these questions. In our concepts, workshops and trainings, decades of experience in global companies are incorporated. Our customers - ranging from global corporations to small and medium sized businesses - appreciate our clear focus: we rely on the right mix of technical and social expertise. In many organizations, there is still a large untapped potential to uncover and translate into business success. Together, we unleash this potential. And bring everything purposefully into motion. In constant motion, this is our credo.

Image: Hans-Jörg Witt

Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Witt

Chemical Engineer, PhD and professor at the University of Tarragona, Spain, executive with global responsibilities in an international chemical company, founder of Witt & Partner Consulting (established in 2004).

Focuses on: Bringing everything into motion - whether in international organizations or small and medium-sized enterprises.

Image: Petra Kopf

Petra Baro

"The Voice"... is the back office of our consulting firm
and is in charge of coordinating our appointments and activities. Ms. Kopf is your direct contact at Witt & Partner.